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Here Is What You Can Do To Deal With Criticism and Trolling

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Here Is What You Can Do To Deal With Criticism and Trolling

How often has this happened to you? You wake up in the morning, all charged up to achieve the impossible. You get dressed in your best attire, walk out of the house with your head held high; and just when you are about to get into your car, your nosy neighbour comes out and says, “Hi! Isn’t that a weird colour suit to wear in this weather?” You could literally feel your entire confidence going poof! You lose focus; and the entire day, you end up thinking that everyone who so much as looks in your direction is making fun of your suit. You know you shouldn’t be worried and that the person was just trolling you, but knowing doesn’t help you stop thinking about it over and over again.

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According to the dictionary, the word ‘Trolling’ is a form of fishing where the person casts out the bait and keeps giving it little jerks, hoping it would catch the fish’s attention. That’s exactly what real-life trolls do. They use rude, insulting statements trying to lure you into getting angry and respond; thus, catching their bait.

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Although the act of trolling is probably as old as humanity; with the advent of internet, it has taken an entirely new form and magnitude. Now, you see them everywhere, and on all social media sites. The worst types are those, who take the pains of coming over to your blogs and get themselves registered, just so that they can leave rude, annoying, and mostly irrelevant, off-topic comments in there; only to make you angry. The best cure in the situation is not to let it affect you; and while it can easier said than done, this article will help you to stop those trolls from hijacking your thoughts and acting in a way you normally won’t.

Why Do They Do It? :

While there are people who’ll criticize you, only because they want to help you improve; more often than not, a troll is just a jealous, insecure, and an angry person. If someone is lashing out at you with harsh words like, ‘You are worthless’, or ‘You suck”; good chances are that he/she is the one with the problem and not you. Always remember, ‘Hurt people, hurt people’; let this be your life’s mantra.

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What To Do?

  1. Ignore them. Deep down, you should have enough confidence to realize that those rude comments are only designed to make you angry and lose your focus. They are not true; and in case all those comments come from the same person, it’s time to make a decision if you really need that kind of a person in your life. A well-wisher will never try to make you feel bad or pull you down.
  2. Don’t respond. Why give them the satisfaction of your response or your attention? Their only real motive is to make you angry; and if you let it affect you and respond, you’re only helping their cause. Ask yourself; is that person really worth your effort and time? You only have so much emotion; spend it positively, on people who love you and care about you, rather than on those douche bags.
  3. Grow Extra Skin. This is what I personally use the most. Having a good sense of humour will definitely help you in handling those trolls, without losing your self-confidence or your sanity. Laugh it all off. Just believe that the reason they are trolling you is that you are above them.
  4. Question Him. A troll usually does it for the very reason; it’s their habit. They can’t help it. They have to tell that they are right and the whole world is wrong. They can never do anything wrong, while no one else from the human population is capable of doing anything right. They do it without any rhyme or reason. In case you feel like you have somehow been sucked into a confrontation, the best thing to do would be to interrogate them. For example, you could’ve asked, ‘Why is this colour not suitable for this weather?’ Chances are that they’ll be lost for words.

In the end, learn to differentiate between positive and negative criticism. While the former can help you in improving your art; the latter can only mean your debacle.

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