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9 Men reveal what they really hate about Sex

VipraDialogues | December 12, 2016 | 768  Views
9 Men reveal what they really hate about Sex

Everybody in this world wants their moment of intimacy to be paradisiacal. Whether it is casual sex or a passionate one after marriage, you want it to be a memorable one. But then, at times, you feel that something is going wrong, something is incomplete, and the sex reaches only near to the perfection.

Girls to help you out, 9 Men reveal what they really hate about Sex

Wondering what this could be? Well, guess some of these guys have an answer to your questions.

On being asked, these men honestly answered which were their not so sexy moments while being sexually intimate!

  • – ‘What I hate most during sex is body lotion—it just doesn’t taste good!’ – Anuj, 23
  • – ‘It’s weird—but they make men feel…disposable!’ – Mudit, 30
  • – ‘The fact that we can’t receive multiple orgasms!’ – Manav, 21
  • – ‘Women sometimes don’t want to use condoms! And I find it quite annoying to justify using protection to someone you barely know!’ – Simon, 28
  • – ‘When she cums way before you do, and you’re supposed to hurry up or just…give up!’ – Pratap, 24
  • – ‘The lack of foreplay!’ – Karan vir, 28
  • ‘Some women take forever to get off! You’ve fingered her for over an hour, lost your tongue in there somewhere, pounded her like a machine, and one hour later, she’s still “almost there”’ – Ankush, 25
  • – ‘I find it difficult to remember names of full-time, in-between and barely-their girlfriends. Especially during sex
  • – ‘When she falls asleep….while we are at it!’ – Rahul, 26


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