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5 Facts About MC Mary Kom that will Inspire You !

VipraDialogues | May 30, 2016 | 822  Views
5 Facts About MC Mary Kom that will Inspire You !
She may have failed to qualify for the Rio Olympic games, but MC Mary Kom is and always will be a true champion for us. She should be, after all she is the most decorated Indian woman boxer ever.
the Rio Olympic games
Coming from a less than humble background and having spent her childhood in the jhum fields of Kangathel village in Churachandpur district of Manipur, Mangte Chungneijang Kom, or Mary Kom as she is popularly known, fought all the adversaries and hardships one can imagine- and even some one can’t- to reach the height of fame and success she is at now.
Although people now know quite a lot about Mary Kom’s life, after the release of a Hindi movie made on her, there are still some awe-inspiring facts that were either overlooked or were thought to be not fit to be shown in the movie. We list a few of those facts about her life, in the hope that you’ll see the real champion that she is and be inspired by her fighting spirit.
the Rio Olympic games
1. Mary’s parents, Mr. Mangte Tonpa Kom and Mrs. Mangte Akham Kom, were both landless agricultural laborers who used to work as hired help for other farmers in the fields. Mary too spent her childhood, cutting woods and making charcoal.
2. Although Mary was always into sports, her favorite sports during growing up years were 400 meters racing and Javelin throw. She got inspired to come into Boxing, only after the success of the fellow Manipuri, Dingko Singh who came back after winning a gold medal in the Bangkok Asian games.
3. Mary was first recognized at the international level when she won the Silver medal in the World Boxing Championship held in Pennsylvania, USA, at the tender age of 18 years. It was her very first international outing.
4. Mary gave birth to twins, Rechungvar and Khupneivar Kom, in 2007 when she was 24. In May 2013, she gave birth to her 3rd son, and named him Prince Chungthanglen Kom. Apparently, Khupneivar had a congenial heart disease and had to undergo a Cardiovascular surgery in PIMER, Chandigarh to fix it. He was cheering for his mother from the hospital bed, when she was away to China for the Asia Cup where she won the Gold medal and rushed back to be with her son.
5. May is the only Indian so far, to have won 5 consecutive World titles. Besides the world titles, she has won 4 Asian championships and 11 National titles. She had since been awarded with every conceivable honor in India, including, Padma Shree, Arjuna Award, Padma Bhushan, People of the Year, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Award, Sportsperson of the Year, and Ambassador of AIBA on three occasions, besides a host of other honors.
the Rio Olympic games
We salute you, the woman of steel, for you are truly ‘Unbreakable’.


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