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5 Career Options Other Than Engineering & Medical That’ll Be Fruitful in Long Term

VipraDialogues | July 1, 2016 | 790  Views
5 Career Options Other Than Engineering & Medical That’ll Be Fruitful in Long Term

12 years is certainly not a short time; especially not when almost 2/3rd of that is to be spent in studying and in the mundane act of ‘acquiring knowledge’. Thankfully, the modern-age parents have begun to understand the amount and the kind of pressure our education system exerts on the children. Gone are the days, when if your child doesn’t go on to become a doctor or an Engineer, he/she was branded as a failure. The instances of parents forcing and pestering their children over studies and securing good marks are getting far and few in between. Some even go to the extent of allowing their wards to take a whole year off after completing the schooling, either for travelling, fun, or even to explore their future career paths.

Surprisingly, more and more children are now opting to wet their feet by undertaking one or the other temporary jobs for a year before taking up the full-time vocation. We have compiled a list of such job opportunities, which will prove to be fruitful in the long-term.

It’s Tough, Being a Teenager

1. Yoga/ Aerobic instructor

The modern lifestyle is getting increasingly hectic; as a result the demand for alternatives like Yoga, Zumba, and Aerobics is witnessing a steep incline. Although this one doesn’t require any academic qualification; what it definitely needs in abundance is dedication.

2. Intern in a corporate

It’s always good to prepare self for the future. In case you already have a particular field in mind, it might be a good idea to join as an intern in an organization in the same field. That way, you will be better equipped on your first day at the full-time job.

3. Learn a new language

The world as we know it is shrinking by the minute. No longer is it strange to find a couple walking on the streets of old Delhi, talking in Japanese, or even German for that matter.

It’s Tough, Being a Teenager

4. Get DJ’aying

If music tickles a nerve somewhere in your body and you’d save your music collection instead of the books if you had to chose, maybe it’s time to think about taking it up as a vocation. Start early, and enroll in one of the many institutes teaching you the tricks of the trade.

It’s Tough, Being a Teenager

5. Start blogging

With the advent of internet, it is possible today to monetize even your thoughts. All you have to do is to write something people would like to read, and throw it out there in the 3Ws.

In the sequel to this article, we’ll come up with more such vocations. Till then, keep reading, and happy holidays!!


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